Crazy Times
Crazy Times

Crazy Times is a commissioned co production between Sydney Dance Company and Co3. The work for primary school children premiered at the Sydney Opera House in January 2017. It was followed by a subsequent tour of primary schools throughout greater Western Sydney.

Crazy Times introduces young audiences to the act of watching performance. It encourages curiosity and the variability inherent in how we perceive dance. It promotes the notion that, we the audience, become the author of a unique, personal narrative based on what we are witnessing, creating stories out of abstract images.

Choreography & Direction- Antony Hamilton
Rehearsal Director- Natalie Ayton
Music- Julian Hamilton
Costume Design- Paula Levis
Lighting Design- Benjamin Cisterne
Technical Director- Guy Harding
Production Manager- Terri Herlings
Education and Outreach- Caroline Spence
Education Coordinator- Emma Powell- El Gammal
Sydney Dance Company Performers- Viola Iida, Fiona Jopp, Isaac Di Natale, Simon Plant
Co3 Performers- Katherine Gurr, Mitch Harvey, Russell Thorpe, Zoe Wozniak

Image- Anna Kucera

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