Secret Garden was created in residence at Dancemakers Toronto in 2018. Working in collaboration with installation and sculpture artist John Dixon, the performance is an intimate, self guided encounter for one audience member in communion with one performer, in an architecturally devised space. Over a five hour period, audience members cycle through, and are invited to stay as long as they wish. There are no limits to how the audience chooses to engage with the performer, but the experience of the encounter remains a private and personal event, that nobody on the exterior can ever know the truth about. The work uses two incongruous spaces as a means to distort reality.

Artistic Director - Antony Hamilton
Performer - Antony Hamilton
Room Design - John Dixon
Lighting Design - Antony Hamilton
Artistic Associates - Francesca Chudnoff & Michael Caldwell
Production Manager - Tanya Bregstein
Producer - Frances Shakov
Dancemakers Curator - Amelia Ehrhardt

Images - Francesca Chudnoff