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the counting
the counting

the counting relentlessly pursues the body's inherent rhythms, timing, driving beats and dynamic tensions. The primary interest lies in the exploration of complex rhythmical structures using the body. Rhythms are layered and explored against the never-ending drone of the musical rhythm. The forms and patterns created by the multiple layers of rhythm are constantly shifting. The complexity of what is seen appears unpredictable, although the planning and structure of the work is tightly executed.

“It's like experiencing a Magic Eye diagram in moving bodies and sound: you get it, you lose it, you get it again - it derides your meager perceptions.“ - LUKE GEORGE

'…an hypnotic mass of overlapping motion which blurred the lines between the organic and the mechnical…technically sophisticated and visually complex." - REAL TIME

Choreography by Antony Hamilton in collaboration with ROGUE
Performed by ROGUE:
2009 Dance Massive Festival, Malthouse Theatre, March
2008 Next Wave Festival, Artshouse Meat Market, May
2007 180 Seconds in Heaven or Hell, North Melbourne Tow Hall, May 2007 Lucy Guerin’s Pieces for Small Spaces, LGI Studios, December