Secret Garden
Secret Garden

Secret Garden is a work for one performer and one audience visitor. It uses an architectural structure in a small studio as the setting for a kind of communion between the performer and visitor, creating a unique dynamic where the authorship of the work is defined through this very private exchange. Agency and power are brought into question, as the freeform experience unfolds between the two inhabitants. Two distinct and juxtaposed environments, the internal and external variations of the structure, evoke a surreal and dreamlike quality that leaves it’s own impression on the experience.

Secret Garden was developed as part of a three year International Artist Residency with Dancemakers- centre for the development of the field of contemporary dance located Toronto, Canada.

Artistic Director - Antony Hamilton
Performance and interaction - Antony Hamilton and audience
Architectural design and construction - John Dixon and Antony Hamilton
Lighting Design - Antony Hamilton
Production Manager - Tanya Bregstein
Producer - Frances Shakov
Dancemakers Curator - Amelia Ehrhardt
Images - Francesca Chudnoff

Special thanks to Michael Caldwell, Tia Kushniruk and Francesca Chudnoff