Number Of The Machine
Number Of The Machine

Number Of The Machine is a kinetic sculpture involving two 6DOF motion-simulators, a modular timber structure and two performers.

Performed over several hours each day, the work explores the manifold relationship between humans and technology. It carries layers of meaning that evoke notions of technological and biological synthesis, and human primacy countered by machine ascendancy. It explores a mythology of dual artificial and natural realms, where technology is enshrined as an omniscient, god-like power that promises salvation from our own flesh and blood.

Premiere presentation: RMIT Gallery 2017

Artistic Director: Antony Hamilton
Programming, System Design and Sound: (((20hz)))
Timber structure: Justin Green
Performers: Melanie Lane & Amber McCartney
Costume Designers: Antony Hamilton & Paula Levis
Lighting Designer: Bosco Shaw
Producer: Freya Waterson
Image: Dian McLeod

Number Of The Machine was created and presented with the generous support of Darrin Verhagen, Creative Victoria, RMIT AkE Lab and The City of Melbourne.