Commissioned by Skanes Dansteater, Sentinel premiered in March 2016 as part of the programme Above And Below, in a double bill with Lucy Guerin's Weather. Sentinel continues the ongoing fascination with the human relationship to the constructed environment, ritual behaviour and the totemic power of material objects.

Choreographer - Antony Hamilton
Lighting Designer - Ben Cistern
Costume Designer - Paula Levis
Sound Composition - Chris Clark
Sculpture Design - Boris Tellegen
Rehearsal Director - Melanie Lane
Production Manager - Anna Ekstrand
Dancers - Graham Adey, Hazuki Kojima, Sarah Bellugi, Peter Jansson, Kristian Refslund, George Pelagias, Brittanie Brown, Laura Lohl, Jing Yi Wang, Patrick Bragdell, Astrid Bramming, Roman Petit.

Skanes Dansteater Artistic Directors - Åsa Söderberg, Ben Wright

Skanes Dansteater