blazeblue oneline
blazeblue oneline

blazeblue oneline is a fantastic world like no other. A world of transformation. A world filled with sensuous explosions of colour and light, dynamic punches of raw choreography and crashing waves of sound. Inhabited by mutant b-boys, re-animated toy robots and strange moving objects, blazeblue oneline is a genre defying collision of dance, graffiti, light and design that will make your head explode.

Choreographer/Director - Antony Hamilton
Dancers - Antony Hamilton, Luke Smiles, Stuart Shugg
Costume Design - Paula Levis
Lighting, Set Design and Production - Bluebottle
Concept Design and original artwork - Antony Hamilton
Production Manager - Bernie Sweeney
Management - Paul Summers

Performance History
Arts House programme 2008 (AU)

photographs by Byron Perry

"a big, fat, loud assault (in a good way) on the senses."

"It is rare that a contemporary dance piece leaves its audience with such a tangible, sensory experience, even down to the toxic smell of the spray paint fumes."
Australian Stage Online

"Vigorous and brash, masculine but childlike."

"It’s a melange that befits a boy’s bedroom: revelling in games and competition, in technology and self-expression."
Realtime Arts