Black Project 2
Black Project 2

Premiering alongside Black Project 1 in 2013's Dance Massive Festival, Black Project 2 collects around a small group of dancers, their bodies organised into biomechanical configurations that explore the human drive to codify the natural world.

Shrouded in darkness, Black Project 1 & 2 reflect on the symbioses between the inanimate and the living; gesturing to the chaos and instability of matter, time and space.

Director, Choreographer: Antony Hamilton
Sound Design: Alisdair Macindoe
Projection: Kit Webster
Costume Designer: Paula Levis
Production Manager: Matthew Scott
Performers: Jake Kuzma, Talitha Maslin, Marnie Palomares, Jess Wong, James Batchelor, Jessie Oshodi
Producer: Insite Arts, Freya Waterson
Image: James Wright