RGB, commissioned by the Australian Dance Theatre in 2010 is the latest in a series of works that deal with visual distillation. The work moves a step beyond The Black Series' strict design framework. It introduces a white surface area and projected light of red green and blue, the 3 primary colours of light which are able to produce all possible colours depending on how they are combined. This design element adds a new textural component to the progress of my recent works, and like any discipline, represents an individual step or study on the overall theme of visual distillation. RGB continues in the direction of The Black Series. After dispensing with the necessity for meaning, RGB allows myself and collaborators Robin Fox and Paula Levis to investigate texture, form, space and time through intricate rhythmic patterns of choreography, sound, light projection and garments.

“Antony Hamilton’s RGB is a superbly scanned display of barcode imagination”
The Sunday Mail

"The performers create strange clusters, grouped like exotic fungi or insects and falling apart like dying flower petals... First rate ideas."
The Australian

"The dancer movements are hypnotic and mesmeric as they shift from insect-like colonies or aliens to machines or living communities – perhaps the start of life itself"
The Independent Weekly

photographs by Chris Herzfeld

Australian Dance Theatre