black project 1
black project 1

Black Project 1 is the first work in a trilogy of pieces. Each piece is performed in a black space with black costumes, black make-up and a black set. The work explores a range of themes. The removal of the colour spectrum is used, in a metaphoric sense, to address a notion of no-context. How can a staged world, avoid reflecting a real world, and in doing so, become an enigma? Like early black and white cinema, the space in Black Project 1 becomes a projected world, a dream world- the world through a filter that obscures our perception of reality.

Black Project 1 takes on narrative symbolism, with the choreographic arc resulting in a series of paintings and drawings. These inscriptions and markings call up images of the human project, which since primitive times has left traces of it's existence through visual relics and artefacts.

The works seek to revitalise our ability to reflect on the things we see with greater focus and deliberation. By singularising what we see, we might find a depth of interest in simplicity.

Development of Black Project 1 begun in october 2009 during a residency at Radialsystem V in berlin. supported by Tanja Liedtke Foundation, Sasha Waltz and Guests and Radialsystem V.

Choreography & Direction- Antony Hamilton
Artwork, Set Design and Costume Design- Antony Hamilton
Performers - Melanie Lane, Antony Hamilton
Set Fabrication and Production Management - Matthew Scott
Projection mapping - Olaf Meyer
Music - Mika Vainio, Vainio and Fennesz, Robert Henke

Performance history
Premiere Arts House 2012 (AU)
Sydney Opera House (AU), Dance Massive (AU), Noorderzon (NL), Taipei Arts Festival (TW), Skanes Dansteater (SE), Theatre im Pfalzbau (DE), Trafo Theatre (HU)