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i like this
i like this

A room of objects wait patiently in stasis for a purpose, a beginning. i like this tells the story of two men who embark on an unusual creative project; to design an environment, attempt to make sense of it, and begin to control it. A strange documentary about the making of a show, with the two director/choreographers appearing onstage creating the work at the same time as it is being performed. Intimately engaging, i like this strikes a balance between nuanced sophistication and delightful immaturity. It is an exercise in absurdity, a display of our limited capacity to be able to genuinely communicate to one another, and our inability to control or understand our surroundings.

"... absolute absurdity, breath taking choreography and a vast insight into the creative genius of both men."

"Choreographers and performers Anthony Hamilton and Byron Perry set a high benchmark with their extraordinary creative vision and execution."
Australian Stage Online

"... incorporating technology in such a sophisticated way... the result approaches the sublime."
Real Time

i like this premiered in November 2008 as part of Chunky Move's Next Move program. Images courtesy of Chunky Move.
Photo: Proud Mother Pictures.